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Custom Gates

LA Garage Doors and gates provides superior quality custom gates.

We work with our customers closely to find a design that is customized to fit all their needs. We understand how important it is to our customers to choose the right type of gate for their home or business. We use only the finest quality products to craft beautiful gates for your home or office. We are known for our wide selection of custom gates. Here at LA Garage Doors we make sure your custom gate will be not only visually pleasing but also very functional. We know how much weather can take a toll on gates so we use only the most durable products with the highest standards. We carefully select only the best pieces to create your custom gate and make sure it is delivered and installed on time.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us. We always have time for our customers’ questions and needs. Our staff is trained to answer all your questions in regards to custom gates.

Types of Custom Gates & Considerations

Does your gate need a diagnosis? Here is a bit more information about a few of the many repair services we provide:


    • Ornamental

Perhaps you aren't after a gate for privacy. Maybe you're looking for the WOW! factor. You want a gate as unique as you.  LA Garage Doors & Gates can help design your gate to be the plat de résistance. Offering much in the way of curb appeal, an ornamental gate is the perfect way to make your home uniquely yours.

    • Wrought Iron

This classy and classic option allows your gate to maintain a classic look, while offering maximum customizability. Wrought Iron gates are both luxurious, and offer a great deal of security. Ironwork requires a great deal of talent, and we will ensure that your wrought iron gate is designed and fabricated in such a way that it is long-lasting, unique, and beautiful.!

    • Carved & Custom Wood

Wooden gates are the oldest type of gate in existence. For thousands of years, the beauty and durabilty of wood gates have provided security and aesthetic. A custom or hand carved wood gate is an incredible way to add curb appeal to your home, and offers a unique touch to the custom home. From classic to ultra-modern, wood is an excellent material to bring texture, contrast, and color, without compromising security. 

    • Brick & Stonework

If you love the look of brick or stone, consider mixed-materials! While the gate, itself, cannot be constructed of stone, due to weight, brick or stonework pillars are excellent, when paired with wood or iron gates! This combinantion offers a very wide range of design options, from a very classic look, to a modern industrial feeling. A beautiful custom gate can be yours- all you need is your imagination!

    • Lift vs. Swing vs. Sliding

There are many types of gates. We are most familiar with swinging and sliding gates. Swing gates can be single or double door (butterfly). Sliding gates are typically made up of a single, solid, sliding gate that retracts into a fence. Lift gates, which are not as common, actually lift off of the ground, providing entry. They are a less common option, but are available.

    • Security, Privacy, and Aesthetic

Gates are erected for three primary reasons. The first and probably original reason is security. Second is privacy, and third is aesthetic. The function of your gate will dictate the form. If you are looking for a primarily aesthetic option, then ornamental gates are ideal! If privacy is what you're after, a tall vanity gate that hides your property might be the solution you need. Regardless, LA Garage Doors and Gates has your custom gate needs covered!


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