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As a company, your commercial garage and gate needs likely differ drastically from the average residential client. We, at Los Angeles Garage Doors and Gates, understand your needs.

Whether you need one commercial garage door for a small warehouse, a well-designed gate for an art park, or an entire outfitting of industrial overhead garage doors for your large loading dock complex, Los Angeles Garage Doors & Gates can make it happen! We offer a full spectrum service. If you are looking for secure solutions for your businesses in the form of security gates and fences, we can meet your needs. We can source top of the line equipment to suit your tastes, or custom design and install it. If you are looking for commercial gates or garages, we are your company!

Commercial Garage Door and Gate Services

Businesses and residences have completely different access and security needs. LA Garage Doors and Gates is a total commercial solution! Below are some of the commercial services our company offers. 


    • Commercial Garage Lifts & Gate Openers

Gate operators are large, automatic gate openers that work by remote control. These are larger units than their "gate opener" cousins, and typically power large, heavy commercial gates. There are sliding gate operators, swing gate operators, and less commonly, gate lift operators, which lift gates overhead. Depending on the type of gate you purchase, a gate operator may be necessary. Garage door openers vary according to need,as well. Commercial garage door lifts have much stronger motors to help lift heavy duty, high quality steel industrial garage doors.

    • Commercial Security Gates

If security is at a premium for your company, and access restriction is important to protect information and assets, consider a commercial security gate from LA Garage Doors and Gates. We carry heavy-duty gates and gate operators to fit every scale- from small overheads, to heavy duty loading docks!

    • Overhead Industrial Garage Doors

Overhead industrial garage doors are great for warehouses and other buildings where a traditional garage door is not warranted. The compact design conserves space, and the encased garage door is protected from the elements, when it is retracted. These garage doors are cost-effective and they last! We are able to install any size overhead industrial garage door. 

    • Commercial Custom Garage Doors

If you need a custom look for your space, you should look into commercial custom garage doors. These doors are versatile, strong, but also attractive. these are great for upscale commercial environments, business parks, and other areas where aesthetic and strength are equally important. Custom commercial garage doors can also be designed for extra industrial strength. If you have special needs for your warehouse garage doors, specific sizing, uncommon loading-dock requirements, or other constraints, you might consider getting garage doors custom designed and installed by LA Garage Doors and Gates!

    • Industrial Loading Docks

For industrial-scale warehousing, loading docks are vital! Heavy equiment is easily transfered to the warehouse floor, without the use of heavy duty forklifts and other equipment. If you're looking for garage doors for your loading docks, look no further than LA Garage Doors and Gates for purchase and installation!

    • Commercial and Industrial Garage and Gate Repair

Despite the strength and resillience of most commercial garage doors and gates, they do occasionally require repair. We can help your business with all of it's commercial and industrial garage and gate repair needs. From equiment replacement, to restoration, to repairing garage lifts and gate operators, we have the skills necessary to fulfill all of your commercial garage and gate repair needs!

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