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Is Your Garage Broken? LA Garage Doors and Gates Can Fix That!

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A broken garage door can be a major impediment to your mobility.

Garage doors are a rather inconspicuous but daily part of most peoples’ daily lives. It is taken for granted that when you press your garage remote, it will work. When accidents happen, springs break, tracks loosen, or your garage door won’t budge when you’re trying to leave for work in the morning; it can be a time-consuming or cosmetically unappealing situation. Who do you go to? Who do you trust?

LA Garage Doors and Gates has been doing garage door repair in the Los Angeles area for years. No job is too big or small for us to handle. Whether you need to replace broken or damaged panels, door springs, door openers or receivers, door installation, door track repair, or drums and rollers, we are your trusted source. Our staff provides excellent service, satisfaction guaranteed. We pride ourselves with our expertise knowledge in repairing any residential or commercial garage door.

Our Professional Garage Door Repair Services

Does your garage door need a diagnosis? We can doctor your garage!


    • Broken or damaged panels

Panels can become broken or damaged due to accidents and climate conditions. Whether you need a single panel replaced or a whole new panel we can get the job done.  We offer a wide selection of panels that will custom fit your needs. Our friendly technicians have the expertise to handle any situation.  Please call us today with any of your garage door repair questions or concerns!

    • Door springs

Door springs are essential to the livelihood of your garage door.  Door springs can become damaged from normal wear and tear as well as climate conditions.  There are two types of springs. These springs are called the extension springs and torsion springs. They are designed to carry tremendous force ensuring the proper functioning of the garage door. If one of these springs should break or become loose, contacts us immediately and we will fix it. Our staff is trained for these situations, and we know the proper protocols and procedures to fix or replace your springs. We encourage customers to not try and fix the springs themselves due to the massive amounts of pressure springs endure.  Our trained professionals will repair or replace the springs in a safe and effective manner.

    • Door openers

Your garage door opener is not working, so what now? Not to worry LA Garage Doors and Gates is here to help.  There are several reasons why your garage door may not be working. It can be simply that you need to replace the remote or that you need to reprogram the remote.  Another possibility is that the existing remote lacks the substantial power causing the garage door to open slowly or not open at all. Regardless of the situation we are here to fix the problem hassle free. Our trained technicians handle these situations daily and know exactly what to do. There is no model type of garage door we cannot fix customer satisfaction guaranteed!

    • Door installation

Your safety is our top priority. We provide a wide range of services that protect your home from unwanted break-ins. Whether  it be to install new garage doors, fix existing garage doors , replacing old locks, LA Garage Doors and Gates repairs and does  installations year round.  Our highly trained staff is equipped with the proper tools and experience to provide safe and effective services.

    • Door Track Repair

Sometimes garage doors come off their tracks. Reasons that could cause this are accidents, natural disasters or just normal wear and tear. Not to worry. We will fix the damaged tracks in no time at all. Whether the whole panel came off or just a single roller needs alignment, we can fix it. Let our trusted staff assist you in getting the service and results you deserve.

    • Rollers and drums

Rollers and drums have the tendency to become loose or even breaking due to constant movement. If this should happen LA Garage Doors and Gates can repair or replace these items.  We have the proper equipment to tighten or adjust the rollers and drums to ensure the proper functioning  of your garage door. Call our friendly customer service immediately and we shall help you with all your garage door repair needs and concerns. 


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